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With ROIS you choose among five major product categories:

  1. tasty and specially selected roasted nuts
  2. raw natural produce for great health and energy
  3. useful and natural dried fruits and superfood
  4. crispy snack products with unique food recipes
  5. irresistibly delicious chocolate coated fruits and nuts

ROIS products are reliable choice because they are made from specially selected raw materials, seasoned own recipes and prepared by modern technologies under strict quality control. They all meet up the food safety requirements according to IFS Food 6.1. A team of over 150 ROIS professional produces at  constant incoming and outgoing control of the raw materials, packaging and finished products. The manufacturing and logistic bases are equipped with high-technological machinery and production lines from leading manufacturers in the food industry. That’s why every time you try ROIS, you can be sure you will find something original and surprising, created for you with care and professionalism.