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Nedelya began on April 1, 1993, when Radoslava and Georgi Minchevi opened a small confectionery on Baba Nedelya Square in Sofia. Initially, the confectionery employed three people, and the Minchevi family produced the cakes themselves and welcomed their first customers.

To this day, the Minchevi family believes that handmade, high-quality products and fresh cakes are the reasons why Nedelya is a favorite in all of Bulgaria.

They use high-quality products, cream from cow’s milk, fresh cow’s butter, fresh eggs and others, keeping up with the traditions the old Viennese confectioneries. They have been working with the same suppliers for years and rarely replace them. They buy upscale ingredients and do not compromise on quality.

Each of their cakes is handmade. In the morning, they bake the marshmallows, cut them and lather then with cream. They garnish and decorate each of the cakes by hand. The magic of confectionery is handmade.

Their cakes are not frozen at any stage of production and storage. This is the main reason for the great fresh taste of the cakes. Therefore, the shelf life of our cakes is only four days.

Their qualified master confectioners make each cake with style and attention to detail in a modernly equipped workshop that meets all international standards.

Each confectionery Nedelya provides its customers with coziness, comfort and satisfaction every day. Our customers know that behind Nedelya there are high standards of quality. Therefore, they trust us with their most important personal and professional occasions.