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25 years ago we were captivated by the magic of fireworks and therefore in 1993 we created “Enigma” in order to share this magic with more people. In the beginning it was not easy. Making the first import and opening our first shop, we created the “Balkan route of fireworks”. However, we did not stop there.
• Nowadays, we have a huge and well developed supply chain.
• We have established ourselves in all major retail chains.
• We have opened a number of our own sites and a modern logistic center.
• We started our own production in China.
• Consequently, we managed to go beyond the borders of our country, exporting products in Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Georgia, Slovakia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
• We have developed our activity on three continents, and in addition to Bulgaria, we have opened a chain of retail outlets in the United States, Georgia and Kosovo.
• We gathered and created a team of pyrotechnicians and designers.

“Enigma”, nowadays, is a name that guarantees professionalism and quality. It’s a name of a leader in this industry in the Balkans.
We provided our team of pyrotechnicians with a modern computer system for starting and sychronizing fireworks shows. We trained them with some of the best in the world and today we can boast that our team is standing right next to them.