МАГАЗИНИ MANIA В JUMBO PLAZA ОТ 5 СЕПТЕМВРИ –  OUTLET & SECOND HAND МОДНИ ИЗКУШЕНИЯ Историята на магазини MANIA започва през далечната 1996г. Днес 24 години по-късно компанията има 42 магазина на територията на България и Гърция. Лидер е в продажбата на SECOND HAND модни находки, а от миналата година успешно […]


PEPCO is a European chain of retail stores, offering its customers everything they need to clothe their families and to decorate and run their homes – all at very low prices. PEPCO operates over 1600 stores in 11 European countries. […]

PEPCO is in Jumbo PLAZZA

Santa was at Jumbo Plaza again this Christmas and made all children smile by giving them small gifts, while getting back many hugs and Santa photos!  His helpers inside the festive igloo helped everyone make Christmas decorations and cards.

Christmas Workshop 2016

Santa visited Jumbo Plaza again this year and made all children happy by giving each of them a small present, while getting back countless smiles and warm hugs!  His helpers made Christmas decorations with every enthusiast inside the festive igloo.                                                                                                                                

Christmas Workshop 2015

Lots of fun and many smiles made hundreds of kids and their parents gather at the Happy Back-to-School event at Jumbo Plaza.                                                      

Happy Back-to-School Day

Let’s celebrate back-to-school day together! Lots of fun and games for everyone and a prize for every kid that participates in the seven entertaining activity rounds. Jumbo Plaza, September 15-th (Tuesday), starting at noon, FREE OF CHARGE!

Happy Back to School Party