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At Street Food restaurants “Arabia” do not compromise on the quality of the food! If you order grilled meat, it will be juiciest and perfectly seasoned! If you get a salad, it will be with the tastiest tomato of the season! If you want potatoes, they will be the most crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The selection of products and our proprietary food preparation technology are the key to the hearts of our loyal fans – butchers or vegetarians. #Grill We are known for offering delicious Arabic grill made from real, quality meat. We charge from verified Bulgarian manufacturers. We prepare it for the grill according to author’s recipes, in our own butcher shop. We bake it according to Arabic technology on charcoal. #Fish The fresher the better! This is one of the secrets of the good taste of fish and seafood. And to lick your fingers, we flavor them with the right spices and grill them in just the right amount, so that they are both juicy and crispy. # Snacks Home-made from selected quality products, they will remind you of your grandmother’s delicacies – homemade ljutenitsa, kyopolou, katak, Snejanka, bean salad.